Tidal Flats

September 10th, 2006 by: joshua

Searunner 31 haul out on tidal flats, El Salvador

Searunner 31 haul out on tidal flats, El Salvador

Searunner 31 haul out on tidal flats, El Salvador

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  1. Bruce says:

    If you get those sticks out of your trampoline, you’ll go a lot faster! (only kidding)

    Have you heard anything from SV Sereia?

  2. joshua says:

    Not recently. Sereia is here, but I’m not sure about the crew. They arrived just before we left for Kentucky. I think they’re in the states but I’m not sure.

  3. Stacey says:

    Hi guys,
    I found your site from Sereia’s link…. thanks for taking the time to keep it up. We just got back from 2 years (Maine to South America and back) on our 39-foot sloop. We’re now ashore in Maine working to save for the next trip (hopefully ’round the world, in a couple of years…) so I am REALLY needing to cruise vicariously through other folks sites!!! I don’t know what your plans are, how long you’ve been out, etc, but let me tell you, “re-entry” is a bitch. We can’t get back out soon enough (although our 9-yr-old daughter is happy to have a stable life for a while.)

    Anyway, thanks… You’ll help me get through the long cold winter…

    s/v Zora

  4. TimeMachine » Sane, Lack Thereof says:

    […] We get the question all the time: “What do you DO while on the boat?” And that can be a rather difficult question to answer. Somehow we are always busy, and in fact we’ve become adept at being busy at such activities as sitting still and gazing off into space, surfing the internet in the bar with a cervesa bien helada, or sleeping. Lately we have actually managed to do a lot of real work and yet we feel somehow like we’re never getting anything done. We returned from our US trip with a lot of parts and we’ve been installing/replacing new bits here and there, doing small epoxy and varnish/touch-up jobs, and a lot of scrubbing and cleaning out of nooks—cramped, poorly ventilated, and hard-to-reach nooks, need I mention. We have not, incidentally, done any painting. Yet. The boat looks like absolute hell too. […]

  5. TimeMachine » Painting the Boat, Part MCIXVIII says:

    […] * Hull sides painted: 2; (sides remaining: 4 [motherfucker!]) * Problems beaching the boat using ingenious scavenged stick method (see photos): none! * Trips to San Salvador required since we started with the beaching: Zee-ro. Zip. Null. None. Nada. (Trips to San Salvador in our near future because we ran out of goddamned paint: 1) * Times we had to jury-rig something: 4 * Times I burst out sobbing during the procedure: 1 * How it looks: um, okay I guess. […]

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