Church signage

August 12th, 2006 by: cheyenne

There are a lot of churches in the US, particularly in the vicinity of Arkentuckylvania.

Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church Sign. God has only one kind of love - everlastin

A mildly suggestive message.

Melcroft Assembly of God Church Sign. Jesus - No Roaming Charges No Lost Calls Unlimited Minutes

Church for the consumer culture. Where do they get this stuff?

Little River Baptist Church Sign. Prayer - Wireless Access to God W\H - Out Roaming Fees Worship 10:30 AM

A less coherent version of the sign above. There must be a newsletter of snappy sermon topics that these guys all subscribe to.

County Line Church of the Bretheren Sign. I love you but hate your sin - God


Bishup Seabury Church Sign. Now Accepting Reservations for Eternity Jesus is Waiting for Your Call

On the aforementioned Holy Cell Phones, surely.

Family Worship Center Church Sign. Come with a burden leave with a song. Keep him lord of your summer.

Lord of Summer!

Second Baptist Church Sign. Vacancy every sunday at 11AM


Church Sign. Vacation from God? Sunday 10&6

I’m confused again.

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