Things lost overboard since November 9th

January 13th, 2006 by: cheyenne

1. Garlic smisher (pronounced smeesher) from Ikea. A stylish thing but it took about a gallon and a half to get all the dang garlicy bits out of the tiny tiny little (pronounced leetle) holes.
2. Bright red melamine one-cup measuring cup. Waaa! We lost it at Los Frailes during some vicious wind; I had it out to dry on the hatch cover and the wind perked up and blew it off the freakin’ boat. My orange half-cup and yellow third-cup still mourn the loss.
3. Palm frond casting we picked up in San Diego and placed artfully atop our trampoline; “Hey! That’s that thing we saw down the street in that trashcan!” said our neighbors at the transient dock. Probably a good thing it never made it to La Paz or else we could have been charged with the illegal transportation of a forest product.
4. Five-gallon water bottle. We lost it during a tricky dinghy-docking procedure. It was full of fresh water and sank like a lead weight in the salt water that is Bahia La Paz. Hrmm. Makes you think about physics. Luckily we had a lot of beer aboard.

Notable mention: my sunglasses, which I’ve nearly lost overboard about 284 times. Usually because I have one of the ear-things hooked on my shirt and I bend over to swab the deck, or polish the brightwork, or batten the hatches.

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  1. chollero says:

    i wanted to lose that finely crafted industrial looking art deco garlic squeezer many times my self. it took longer to clean it than the whole rest of the meals dishes. but i was afraid of facing you if i did drop it over after seeing the anguish and dispare when the little red plastic measuring thingy blew away.i couldn’t intenionaly accidently drop it over.

  2. brad says:

    Yes–polish that brightwork. And don’t forget to downhaul the forestay!

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