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January 8th, 2006 by: cheyenne

Taco Stand, La Paz, Mexico

One of our favorite taco stands (asada and adobada, which is the marinated pork).

Taco Chef, La Paz, Mexico

Tacos in the making!

Food Stand, La Paz, Mexico

This guy makes what looks like salsa soup (hot); we haven’t tried it yet because every time we get to him, we’re already stuffed with tacos. We’ll get to it…

Fish Taco Stand, La Paz, Mexico

Fish Taco Stand, La Paz, Mexico

The previous two photos are of a very elaborate and popular stand that has very good fish tacos. You pay one guy who gives you a tiny bit of paper with your order written down, then you give that to the guy at the grill who will always present your place with the careful pronunciation: “feesh tacos.” Another woman mans the liquados and washes the dishes.

Taco Stand, La Paz, Mexico

Mexican Fruit Cake

January 6th was Dia de los Reyes (day of the kings), which is a Catholic holiday celebrating when the three kings arrived to the baby jesus and gave him presents. Kids here open their presents (you know, from the kings) at this point and then everyone celebrates with a fruitcake, or ‘Rosca.’ Every bakery in town is loaded down with these ring-shaped fruit cakes, which represent the crowns of the kings, and something dangerous—possibly involving knives, and then there is a baby jesus inside the fruitcake! A Christmas miracle! (Um, if I understood correctly).

Pussy cakes

Pussy cakes! Actually, they are our favorite bakery treat aside from the palmeras; they are cheesecakes baked into a slightly obscene shape.

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  1. Peg Bowden says:

    Hey—great photos. I would LOVE a good feeesh taco right about now. We had a dinner party on Dia de los Reyes, which is also known as 12th Night. (12th night after Christmas) I think Carnival in some parts of the world begins also on Jan. 6—-and debauchery reigns until Lent. Anyway, the Episcopalians often have a big dinner and serve lamb. We had a paella instead, using your saffron from Barcelona. It was just about perfect. Hmmm—maybe the knives inside the crown-shaped fruitcake is supposed to be Harod (the bad king) and the dangers awaiting the Christ child. dunno. The cakes look lovely. We’re still awaiting the birth of our own little angel-child. Should be today, as Elise is in labor. Yay!!–thanks for the great photos. Love, Mom

  2. chollero-(jeff) says:

    great pictures
    makes my mouth water remembering the great tacos
    keep the up dates rollin
    thinking of you both

  3. Adair says:

    You guys are hysterical. What a hoot! Next time you come around Cancun, give me a yell.


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