A lot of almost-milestones

March 10th, 2009 by: cheyenne

Ronin is getting close to walking. It’s very exciting. Unfortunately (and ironically), this makes actually going out for a walk incredibly difficult. She wants to “walk” herself and we end up holding her fingers all hunched over at an awkward angle, covering only about 1/10th the ground we might normally cover. In her exuberance to go forth, the number of face-plant related injuries have increased. The other day she let go of our hands at a curb and went down, scratched her chin, and split her lip open with those two protruding bottom teeth. It was really sad—she was crying and slobbering bloody slobber all over herself and me and by the time we got to the grocery store, we had to make straight for the water and napkins lest someone call CPS on us and our bloody child.

She also sort of made it through the night without nursing for the first time ever. She normally nurses 2-3 times per night and I was beginning to fear night weaning would never happen. We gingerly try to push the first feeding back if possible in hopes that she would get used to sleeping longer and longer stretches. Of course, in practice, what this means is when she wakes up to eat, instead of nursing her immediately and then all of us going right back to sleep afterward, Joshua goes in and tries to quiet her back to sleep. Almost never has this worked; usually he bounces and rocks a shrieking child until we give up and I nurse her. The other night he went in when she woke to eat and after two solid hours of fussing (but not hysterics) and laying down, crying and bouncing, shushing, singing, rocking, she finally stayed down for good. And then she slept solid until 6:30am! CRAZY. Of course, we didn’t get to sleep until she did (at 1) so we still only got 5ish hours of sleep. But those five hours were all in a row. That makes a huge difference and I woke up actually feeling sort of refreshed. And also like my boobs had been replaced by a couple of leaky rocks.

No repeats so far though. Oh well.

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  1. Bozo says:


    Heh…. once she gets the hang of walking (as she will any day) ‘let’s go for a walk’ will turn into ‘let’s go for a chase’. :>)

  2. Peg Bowden says:

    Ronin pushing that Radio Flyer is about as cute as it gets. I must say that Ronin looks quite refreshed in all photos. Looks to me like she is a night owl—maybe she’ll grow up to be a night-club singer. Or a jazz drummer. Or an astronomer. Love, Gramma Peg

  3. keely says:

    OH my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!I cant stand it!!that is the cutest!!!!

    what do ya mean, all hunched over, I wasnt hunched over when i held little Keely’s hand; what’s wrong with you people…all hunched over…

    brings back memories…the time Tom forgot to lower the lap table of the ancient highchair/ Niki’s, keely takes a foreward header, Tom catches her after the first bounce, ouch, thankgoodness for fontanels that havent closed…

    lets meet at Tucker’s this summer!!! we are all looking forward to visiting, especially Keely wants to play with Ronin!!! love the notes, keep em comin.


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