Grandpa Jeff

April 7th, 2008 by: joshua

My dad has been ridiculously excited about Ronin, but hasn’t been able to come up until now. He brought cigars… Apparently he’s been giving them out to everyone he meets (“IT’S A GIRL!!”) and arrived with the last half dozen or so. We’ll have to try one.

Carlos sent us some pictures of his big truck adventure to Texas and Grandpa Jeff got so excited he decided to skip his flight and drive back. We sent him off in Tyrone and he’s now somewhere in Utah (I hope it makes it). It sounds like a good time. He already got stuck in the snow once while trying to 4 wheel it to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Also, those Utah cops weren’t sympathetic when he tried to explain that the transmission works a lot better at 80 than 65. But it’s true, Tyrone won’t drive 65.

We went out for pho before he left. We’ve been braving restaurants for lunch only. She does okay most of the time, and it helps if there is a place to stand near the table.

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  1. vida says:

    The hat finally fits nicely!
    What a great hat model.

  2. GREAT AUNT Chris says:

    Hey Jeff….Great photo! Get a print of this one!

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