First Tears!

February 22nd, 2008 by: cheyenne

Poor Ronin. Today we were on the way back from the factory outlet mall (a traumatic experience for all parties, I assure you) and Ronin got hungry. Probably the first time when she was hungry and we were not able to meet her demands within minutes. It was rush hour and the freeway was not moving and she was so upset not even the little finger was consoling her. She cried so hard that she got her first tears! MILESTONE! It was rather heartbreaking really. After about a million years, we finally made it home. She promptly drained one boob, barfed half of it down my cleavage, drained the other, and then passed out. She’s sleeping peacefully now.

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  1. Neil Rowe says:

    Very sorry to hear of Ronin’s traumatic experience, but outlet malls can bring one to tears.

  2. Peg Bowden says:

    Hmmmm—-baby Ronin looks pretty blissed out. Cheyenne is the one that looks like there were tears flowing. Freeway gridlock+outlet mall+starving baby = meltdown.
    I bought a little photo album to stash all my Ronin pictures. And I noticed that my friends sort of disappear when I approach carrying the album. Ah well, it is a Gramma privilege to bore my friends with baby pictures and Ronin stories. Gramma Peg

  3. kert says:

    We’ve gone out a couple times, but never more than for an hour and never more than 5 miles from home. The poor dear… all of you poor dears. Our first public meltdown is still ahead of us. I guess girls develop faster than boys ;).

  4. Jill Douglass says:

    Oh, it’s just stressful.

  5. Grant Douglass says:

    Check this blog out.

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