Behold: The 33-Week Belly

November 28th, 2007 by: cheyenne

Getting bigger. Literally every morning I catch sight of myself en route to the bathroom for the first of my daily 587636 trips and just have to say, “DAMN!!” Ironically, I “measure small” from the outside; however, an ultrasound at 31.5 weeks decided that the baby was actually just over average for gestational size (4lbs 3oz) and everything was just peachy in there. Where the baby is keeping herself is anyone’s guess but I definitely feel squiggly movement all over in every part of my abdominal cavity, including inside of my iliac crests. It makes me wonder what was there before? And where the hell is it now?!

One thing that the ultrasound lady did was a bit of gratuitous zooming in and out of the face (the ultrasound is a planar view so you either see cheeks/chin/forehead but a cut-off nose and blank eyesockets, or eyelids and freaky skeletal facial structure, etc.). That was a trip; she’s definitely human—no doubt about it—as opposed to say, cephalopod. Her face looked like an old-fashioned doll in a fuzzy old black and white photograph.

In other exciting pregnancy-related news, I finally broke down and bought ‘real’ maternity pants. The rubber band through the buttonhole thing was simply not cutting it anymore. They are super hot (perhaps you can tell from the photo) and come only in size Too Big or Too Short. The elastic waistband is the kicker—if you are so inclined, you can actually wear it pulled up to your ribcage. Major nerdery, I’m telling you.

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  1. Peg Bowden says:

    You look so happy and positively glowing. And yes, that’s quite a tummy you’re sporting. I am counting the days until I fly to Portland and behold this new life. On a more mundane note, buy a tube of Desitin. It still is the best cream for diaper rash. Love, yo Mama

  2. Jan Leonard says:

    Wow, honey, you look about to pop! This is so exciting and yo mama is chomping at the bit. Keep up the good work (if not your maternity pants).

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