April 17th, 2007 by: joshua

Searunner 31 from the top of the mast. Blue hole, Lighthouse reef, Belize

Lighthouse Reef, Belize

We landed in Cozumel, Mexico this afternoon. Imigration was closed so we´re illegal…

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  1. jeff says:

    OK Another great picture barefoot up the mast.Turquoise water is beautiful.

  2. Bozo says:

    That searunner looks pretty cool from that angle.

  3. Laszlo says:

    Jump! Jump!

  4. Peg Bowden says:

    Looks like a space satellite cruising through the galaxy. –Mom

  5. Eric says:

    I don’t think you would be legal where ever and whenever you landed! HA!

    Good to see things are still fine, long time since I’ve checked in.


  6. Brady, Tanya and God the Cat says:

    We sailed past you guys and even waved at Half Moon Caye! I said to Tanya “that looks like TimeMachine” but we decided it wasn’t you since the last photos we saw of TimeMachine had her name on the bow. That would have been great to hang with you guys and laugh about our silly youth and how we survived it. By the way, sorry about the dagger! Hahahaha we were some dumb kids back then. We have enjoyed your site immensely and hope next time our paths cross we can have some Cuba Libres together. Fair Winds, Brady

  7. joshua says:

    Brady, I remember you guys going by right before we pulled up and headed for the blue hole. We waved at you but didn’t recognize you. My dad told me you were in Belize but I didn’t know the name of your boat or anything. We still haven’t gotten around to painting the name, but we at least have to put our numbers on before we get to the US. The coast guard has already given us a warning… Although, I can’t believe we’re required to display our CF numbers in Colombian waters!

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