Casco Antiguo

February 24th, 2007 by: joshua

Anti-bush graffiti. Street kid. Panama City

Casco Antiguo, Panama City, Panamá.

I was trying to take a picture of the graffiti when this kid jumped into the frame and tried to extort money for the photo.

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  1. jeff says:

    Body glove
    hungry kids will not be bashful and sooo naive but to the core of existance don’t care, want money not afraid of embarrassment just extortion, they don’t care about exposure or interruption of your space, this is their job and its third world graffiti live.!!!
    great photo, i like the body glove shirt, did you stage this? hahaha; should be on the cover of Time or some news rag. i can’t get spell ck on this blog, all i have is a spanish dictionary and i can’t spell.

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