Bahia Culebra

October 22nd, 2006 by: cheyenne

We’ve been just hanging around here for the past few days. It has been raining every day off and on and the last three days have been very wet. Yesterday it was raining before we got up and didn’t stop until around 10pm, when it suddenly cleared up and stars shone. Today seems to be clearer so hopefully things will dry out a little (like our laundry).

We crossed the bay to Mata de Caña and dinghied over to a neat beach nearby.

Coatis. Bahia Culebra, Costa Rica

Coatis, we think. There were several of them, including two babies, walking along the rocks. Then they climbed up into the trees and watched us.

Pelican. Bahia Culebra, Costa Rica

Pelicans. I still find it amusing to see these huge birds hanging out in jungle trees.

Hermit Crab. Bahia Culebra, Costa Rica

Hermit crab.

Hermit Crab Ring. Bahia Culebra, Costa Rica

Hermit Crab Art Jewelry.

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Cheyenne Weil, Joshua Coxwell