And away we go!

November 8th, 2005 by: cheyenne

Day of departure. Well, after consulting the internet weather sites, Joshua and his dad made the decision that that big dotted area with the word all in caps “GALE” smack between us and Baja meant we’d wait an extra couple of days to leave. This was probably for the best since I still hadn’t completed construction of a second story to the boat in which to store all the crap we desperately need for this trip. Things like the twelfth extra flashlight and whistle-thingy that barely makes a sound but seems like we might want it or something and so I therefore have to add another wing to my second story to store it. You know those pastel sticky tabs you get at office depot and use to mark important passages in business documents? We have some on board. And I know exactly where they are.

Day two. Weather still wonky and coming from the south (!!!), which is super weird (!!!) for these parts and so we’re staying put for another day. Bleargh. Rainy day/South wind projects = finishing the soft storage cabinets in the galley (yay—now I can put away all those lightweight bulky items like the salad spinner). Going to Home Depot, which always takes two trips because we either forget something the first time or else end up returning the item we bought because we found it elsewhere for $1 less and therefore we must make a 10-mile trip to SAVESAVESAVE. And driving around in our Volvo reminds us that we still have to sell it before leaving. So we can’t leave anyway. We also drank probably three bottles of wine in an effort to lighten our little boat’s load, so at least something got accomplished today.

Day fiftybillion. The previous evening had us fielding calls from excited hippies from places like Sevastopol and Petaluma about the Volvo. Every person who called wanted us to drive the Volvo to him because (duh) he didn’t have a car but (duh) we’d no longer have one and damned if we’re hitching back from Petafreakinluma. The great compromise had the buyer catching a ride with a friend to Oakland where we (actually Jeff, because he volunteered) would meet at the corner of 9th and Broadway to make the big deal, then the buyer driving Jeff back to SF to catch the train back to San Mateo where he would have to walk back to the marina. Of course Joshua ripped the end off the delicate wee antennae cable that morning so a trip to Radio Shack/CompUSA/Fry’s had to be made (carless) so Joshua walked to San Mateo to meet up with Jeff and set out on a most excellent electronics adventure. I stayed here, completed not only a second story but a third and got the last of the stuff put away.

So we thought we’d maybe get out tonight with the outgoing tide but the wind is totally dead (what the) and Brigid is visiting so we’ll take her out for sushi in exchange for shamelessly taking advantage of the car situation.

We’ll get out of here tomorrow.

4 Comments on “And away we go!”

  1. Maria says:

    Great summary! You’ve won a lifetime’s supply of fishhooks.

  2. jryan-sm says:

    What, you’re not in warmer water yet!?! :) Joshua, I have a question about the encodequeue.ser file… err, nevermind. ;) Hope y’all get underway soon!

  3. maria says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thinking lots about you guys! Will meet you out there one day. Keep an eye out for ‘Migration’, another multi-huller! Fabulous guy called Bruce.
    Fairwinds you lovely adventurers!

  4. GOR says:

    Yeee Hawwwww Indeed! I know that you are doing this just to make me jelous.

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