A few things

November 4th, 2005 by: cheyenne

A few things that occupy precious space in my brain as of late =

Sharks (I strive to be Richard Dreyfuss but I’m still totally a Roy Scheider)
Exploding pressure cookers
Emptying the toilet while underway
Joshua falling overboard
Me falling overboard
Hitting underwater things at night
Having to kill a fish by whonking it on the head
Hitting a tanker because I fell asleep on watch
Losing a rudder in a storm and having to jury-rig one while tossing about
Getting tired of dolmas (we bought a lot of these for the trip)
Sharks (I will NOT be a Robert Shaw)
Depths over 15 feet

Things I look forward to =

Learning to hold my breath for like 10 minutes like a superhero
Um, sailing around the world. [.]
Turquoise water. At my disposal.
Fresh sushi that I caught and sliced up myself (but Joshua cleaned)
Learning to speak fluent Spanish
Having 30 new episodes of “This American Life” waiting for me in the archives
Being able to tell people I can navigate by the stars, and being serious
Unusual things, interesting people, excellent food

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  1. rob says:

    On you circumnavigation Should you pop into the UK look me up for a free meal (my treat not yours) :o))

  2. Clyde says:

    I would be more afraid of the trimaran “Pitchpoling” than being eaten by sharks. Trimarans are more prone to pitchpoling in rough seas than a mono-hull. A trimaran’s light displacement and broad beam makes it easier to pitchpole if you bury the bow or amas into a wave. A mono-hull has ballast to help keep the center of gravity low and make it less prone to pitchpoling if you bury the bow in a wave.

    If the trimaran turns “Turtle” you’ll either have to swim underwater to escaped from the cabin or use your bailout hatch. Most “Blue Water” trimarans have a hatch just above the water line that can be used to escape if your trimaran turns turtle.

    Fair Winds,


  3. cheyenne says:

    Yeah, there’s something for the top of the list. We don’t have an escape hatch (if we add one it’s going on Joshua’s side of the bed); we have an axe bolted to the outside (or we will once one gets purchased). That’s about as good as we can do; that, and become conservative weather nerds.

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