Normal Motor-cy

April 12th, 2005 by: cheyenne

Joshua is doing our taxes (saint, but like, a stubborn one) and I’m pretend-blogging about our child, I mean boat. This computer isn’t even hooked up to the internet (kooky). Evidently there is a $15 “Rice Straw” tax credit if you buy a metric ton of the stuff, at least in California (I’m back on taxes now). Soooo our boat is good. We got a new motor that starts right up when you pull the cord and is so quiet that you can barely hear it running from the cockpit. This may sound like a normal motor and that’s what I’m all about right now. Normal motor-cy. Sadly, we must run it at half-throttle for something like 400 hours before we are allowed to go maximum speed. We’ve had it 2 months now and have used up maybe 13 minutes since it takes around 47 seconds to get out of the marina. In other boat news, I wage a weekly war on water in the bilge and specks of mildew in the corners. Water in the bilge is more pervasive since it rains every weekend here and I can’t figure out where the hell it is coming in. I was proud of myself last month for stopping up (or having Joshua stop up) all the obvious holes in the boat (well, little holes, really); I don’t know where it’s coming in now. The mast I think. Oozing down between the plastic insulation and the live wires of the mast light. This will be harder to deal with than the windows.

The boat show is next weekend and we shall go help Bill (not really, we’ll stand around and smile) and then purchase a dinghy that I will not know what to name and the naming of which will cause me much stress and trepidation.

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Cheyenne Weil, Joshua Coxwell