January 26th, 2005 by: cheyenne

Joshua and I bought a sailboat. A trimaran (Jim Brown, Searunner 31). It’s pretty cool. We’re thinking of heading south in October when the “hurricane season” is over. We didn’t change the name because it wasn’t afflicted with some awful pun like “Tri My Way” or “Three Times a Lady” or something. It’s bad luck to change a name after the boat is in the water, or maybe it is if you have already painted it, or maybe it was if has three hulls? Crap. Anyway, we were hosed and left the name alone. We must change the font though. I think I pretty much hate Times New Roman.

We had a 3-hull-bad-pun-boat-name brainstorming session once after some daiquiris and we came up with “Three Martini Lunch,” which I thought was kind of good in spite of myself. “Three Daiquiri Lunch” just didn’t have the right ring.

We have to get a dinghy though. That means we can name it something as well. Oh god the pressure. It was a big enough trauma to name the laptop.

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Cheyenne Weil, Joshua Coxwell