September 2nd, 2010 by: cheyenne

Ronin was given this crown from Whole Foods. It has tomatoes on it and for four days she wore it constantly and was the tomato queen.

Then, it was sadly left in the trunk of the car for the duration of the four hottest days of the year nestled up with a pair of soiled undies and pants (accidents happen..). Basically, when I opened the car after a week, I seriously thought an animal had crawled up our tailpipe and somehow wedged itself up in our trunk to die, decompose, and rot foully. I’m telling you the stench was unbearable. When I finally figured out the source of the godawful smell, I was incredulous (after all, isn’t urine supposed to be sterile or something?). I soaked all articles of clothing + the tote bag they were in for HOURS in enzyme stain remover solution and then took them to the laundrymat for a serious washing. They still aren’t quite right after all that but they are mostly back to normal.

I tossed the Tomato Crown.

And I made her a new one.

Ronin is a big fan of the skirt-over-pants look.

Ronin models this year’s Tour de Fat t-shirt.

I thought I’d include one more shot that cracks me up.

Ronin likes to make salad in the salad spinner. Here she’s tossed together a bright end-of-summer mix of puzzle pieces, stuffed skunk, and underwear. She will eventually add a lime squeezer, the cover to a Curious George sticker album, plastic zoo animals, four pirate figurines, wheels from a toy car, two dirty socks, and Nigel.

Nigel makes everything taste just right.

5 Comments on “Outfits”

  1. CJ says:

    I throw a little bit of Nigel into my stir-fry. Kamini loves it.

  2. kamini says:

    better than the goddamn corn smut.

  3. Denise Coyle says:

    Hey Cheyenne, a friend of mine uses a cup of white vinegar in the wash to get rid of bodily odor-type disgusts… she swears by it, and says it doesn’t leave vinegar smell in the clothes. Good luck, nothing worse than forgetting about the accident clothes! :)

  4. jeff says:

    Hi Ronin

  5. Antonia says:

    OK, these are very cute, but… OMG. It’s been a month. Where’s my update on the masterless samurai? xxA

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