Sleepy Ronin

April 17th, 2010 by: cheyenne

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Sleep and Ronin have always been at odds and lately we’ve been dealing with shrieking 9:30 and 10pm bedtimes. Today we didn’t let her nap. Well, not exactly on purpose but we were out and got home late for naps but she didn’t want to so ate lunch first and by the time she was ‘ready’ to nap, it was way too late blah blah blah. So, we just didn’t nap. By 6pm she was wiped; both Joshua and I had tears running down our faces laughing at this.

3 Comments on “Sleepy Ronin”

  1. Michelle Redstone says:

    oh my god, that’s friggin funny!! She wants to be mad, but she’s just too damned tired

  2. vida says:

    Even Maddox laughs when watching this! (we’ve watched it several times now)

  3. vida says:

    Ikea dishes!

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