July 23rd, 2009 by: cheyenne

Last Wednesday I picked Ronin up out of the crib after her nap and she felt crazy hot. I stripped her down and brought her to my bedroom for a diaper change and instead of putting up a fight as per usual, she just laid there, eyes half mast, rubbing her hair with her hands. I got out our fancy newfangled digital thermometer and jimmied her mouth open with it. She was not super thrilled but I was able to get the tip of it in her cheek for a few seconds. Luckily a few seconds is all the thermometer needs and it beeped at me: 104.5. Holy shit I thought, that can’t be right. I tried to take it again but she was similarly uncooperative; I got 104.5 again though. I took my own temperature: 98.0. I took hers again: 104.5. Kid’s got a hell of a fever.

After dosing her with acetaminophen, I wet her head with the shower sprayer. She cried piteously and I felt really bad by the time I got her in front of the fan. She just let me hold her and laid her head on my shoulder. This may not seem drastic but I’m telling you, Ronin is not a child who likes to be cuddled. By the time she lets you hold her close, she is in a State. Putting her head down though, that’s serious business and I was pretty worried.

I emailed Joshua a few dozen times, rechecked her temperature (104.1), and called the doctor. By the time they got back to me, half of an hour had passed and her fever had dropped to 103.4. The pediatrician did a good job of reassuring and calming me and after a couple of hours, Ronin’s fever had dropped to 99 something and she was running around almost like nothing was wrong at all. Babies are so weird.

We had a couple of days of up/down fevers but never a spike as high as that first day and though I thought it had to be Roseola (oh, Internet! You SLAY me.), she never developed the telltale rash. Mystery abounds.

Now we are back to The Usual. The usual being extraordinarily crabby especially in the mornings when she insists upon waking at 5am well before it is reasonable for anyone to be up I mean for god’s sake the sun hasn’t even come up yet but up she is and refusing to fall back asleep until like naptime. And during these few hours, she will SCREAM and generally be riding a knife’s edge between two chasms of doom and gloom. It sucks pretty badly. Eight more teeth to grow and maybe we’ll find out if it was really just the teething after all and not her natural disposition. La.

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  1. Jill Douglass says:

    Fevers are scary. I thought I was going to have to hospitalize Steve once when Anna ran a 106 (no kidding!) fever. He was trying to call me, the pediatrician, and put Anna in a lukewarm bath all at the same time. When she threw up in the tub, he was at his last straw. As per usual, when the meds and water all took effect the fever went down, and all was as well in the world as usual.

  2. Peg Bowden says:

    So glad you were on it. Babies can change so fast—one minute they are fine, the next they have a raging fever and are lethargic, and then after a few drops of acetamenaphin, they’re playing happily.
    Enjoy your morning coffee watching the sun come up at 5 AM—it really is a lovely time of day. Ronin thinks so too. —love, Gramma Peg

  3. Anonymous says:

    something i always noticed (after a few years) is that my son would get a fever right before some new “stage”.. growth spurt..teeth.. whatever.. hang in there..

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