Happy Birthday Little Baby Ronin

January 13th, 2009 by: cheyenne

We’re just back from the pediatrician. She got a bunch of vaccinations and it was horrible. By far the worst round of vaccines yet. Ronin was sobbing convulsively and I’m still a mess although Ro is now sacked out and hopefully will sleep well tonight. I’m trying to recover with wine.

ANYWAY. I had a post prepared this morning, when times were more innocent and carefree.

My mom always calls me on my birthday and tells me the story of my birth (“Then you came out and you were LAVENDER!”) so perhaps I should continue the tradition.

This time last year I was a total mess after staying awake all night long counting out contractions and attempting to go to the bathroom. And THEN, I couldn’t pee at all and it hurt SO BAD! So we went to the hospital and an hour later you were born! HOORAY! You were covered with slime and screaming your misshapen head off and yet you were SO CUTE. Your dad got to hold you and you immediately peed all over him. A couple hours later you finally cracked an eye and gave him a look that said, “I will cut you.” We were pretty sure we had chosen the perfect name for you, little baby Ronin.

She’s been blowing through the milestones and I’ve been neglecting my duties cataloging them here. She moves like lightning and babbles nonstop. Some of the things she says are REAL WORDS. Confusingly, there are a lot of words in our little world that start with the letter B. Book bird block ball bunny Batbear box big blue butterfly bowl bug bead… Ronin refers to the majority of these as “ba,” with the exception of Batbear, who she calls “Dat-da.”

She shows preferences for certain toys. Her favorites are a tiny little bear in a purple superbat outfit (“Batbear;” thanks Jeff!), a neon green alien being (“Roswell;” thanks Chris & Kevin!), and Throttle the turtle (handmade by Ilana!), who we’re all familiar with. She calls them Dat-da, Bubba, and DAY (said in a high pitched sing-song voice).

The learning words thing is pretty far out. She gets very intense and singularly focused when you mention one of the words she is big on (see Yoda) and when she’s pitching a fit over something or another, I can usually say something like, “Ronin, go get a BOOK!” She shuts right up, her eyes get huge, her mouth goes into a little O shape, and she starts shouting, “Bu! Bu!” charging across the room to pull them all off the shelf. Another fun game is to recite one of her books and watch the gears crank. She’ll go over to the shelf, get the right book and bring it to you, crab-crawling across the floor with the book in one hand.

Stat-wise, she’s right in line with length (29.5in), head circ. (17in), but her weight has dropped sharply as far as percentages go. She’s 18lbs 9oz, which is only about a pound and a half more than what she weighed at six months. She’s so much taller but she’s stretched out of her baby fat stores. Next up: peanut butter and butter sandwiches with a hearty whipped cream chaser.

We continue to offer her the hated solid foods. The only foods Ronin likes lately are cheerio-like cereal pieces, cheese, dried banana chips, Turkey Vegetable puree (a jarred baby food flavor and in my opinion, totally vile), and anything sweet and sugary, like marshmallows. Joshua discovered the marshmallow at Whole Foods the other day, much to my dismay. We are not feeding her marshmallows (yes, I am the un-fun mother).

[Ronin, by the way, LOVES dogs. If “hot” was her first word, “dog” was definitely her second. Cody, Michelle’s dog, was surprisingly lax about having a shrieking monkey underfoot.]

She has about a hundred teeth coming in. Ghostly white lumps moving at a glacial pace. She has one finally about to break the surface and she’s been quite beside herself these past couple of days with the pain and irritation, sleeping fitfully and biting everything in front of her. Not only bites it but assaults it with her face. Sometimes things are soft (the edge of the bed) and sometimes they are hard (the edge of the coffee table). Not surprisingly, she has a cut and a fat lip from botched attacks on various furniture in the apartment. We’ve been giving her chunks of raw carrot to gnaw on. She teethes on the carrot chunk and we like to think that she manages to ingest a carrot molecule here and there but mostly she just spits the bits out onto your shirt.

We’re pretty much obsessed with her. I’m emotional already so I’ll just stop here before I get all mucousy and can’t taste my wine anymore. We love you little monkey. I hope you feel better tomorrow and we’ll all eat cake. With marshmallows.

7 Comments on “Happy Birthday Little Baby Ronin”

  1. Gilgs says:

    You rock, Ronin! We’re so glad we got to meet you this summer and think you are the greatest. Oh, and your mom and dad are pretty great too. Congrats all around!!
    Love, Kerstin, Ilana and Alden

  2. cheyenne says:

    Update: She woke up pretty happy the next morning and has been in a pretty good mood so far. I was worried she’d be out of sorts for a while to come so this is a huge relief.

  3. Julie says:

    A year old, eh? Surely not! Happy birthday Ronin and Congratulations Cheyenne and Joshua!

  4. Peg Bowden says:

    And I get all emotional and teary reading your blog. Little Ronin has changed your world and ours. We chuckle about her antics and milestones everyday. You are fabulous parents (who knew?) and I dare say that baby Ronin is such an asset to our sorry planet! Kisses to Ronin on her first birthday! And extra marshmellows on her birthday cake! Love, Gramma Peg

  5. kurt says:

    Alden dropped in weight around nine months and the doctors got worried. For his ten month check-up he didn’t crap for two days before and it appeared as though he gained like eight ounces and was up to 19lbs. He lost alot of that ‘weight’ the next day, but we still took the 19 lbs and ran with it. I think Alden has lost a bit of weight in the past couple weeks too as he nears his first birthday, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Some year, huh.

  6. Neil & Bambi says:

    Wow, look at those eyes.

    Happy birthday to the magnificent Ronin, also happy birthday to mom and dad.

  7. vida says:

    Well, I got all teary! one year already. wow. Now I’m choking on my tears, so I’ll just say Happy Birthday Ronin! Way to go Cheyenne & Joshua, you did good! Big hugs to you all.

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