A Bitter Bolete

November 16th, 2008 by: joshua

[Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon]

I fixed a problem with the subscription emails. I don’t think any have gone out in November due to a problem with a software upgrade. I forgot that I had to manually limit the number of names in the bcc field so Dreamhost wouldn’t reject it as potential spam.

3 Comments on “A Bitter Bolete”

  1. Peg Bowden says:

    Someone told me that a secret stash of boletes reside in the Chiracahua Mountains just West of here in Arizona. Lots of them. Who knew? I thought it would be too dry for mushrooms. –Gramma Peg

  2. Cindy says:

    Glad we are back on the e-mail list :) I went back to see what I had missed. Cute crib and very cute baby booty.

  3. MomCher says:

    I’m with Cin. It’s good to be back on the list. I was wondering what video you were talking about Joshua when we talked on the phone. I too went back and peeked at all the new stuff . . . to me. :) It is amazing. When I watch Ronin in the video, it’s like getting flashed Back to the Future. There are so many times her expressions and actions look just like you when you were that age. You are different in some ways though. You were a sleeper!

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