Inferior wrapper technology

August 19th, 2008 by: cheyenne

One of Ronin’s favorite things is an unopened granola bar. She can kill an hour happily worrying the thing, chewing on the wrapper, turning it over in her hand, rustling the crinkly plastic, mushing around the contents, etc. Generally we give her the Trader Joes bars and I never worried about her getting the wrapper open because I can hardly open them myself. The other day we got a bunch of samples of Kasha Golean stuff, one of which was a breakfast bar I turned up my nose at because of questionable ingredients, and so I gave her the bar to Ronin to destroy.

Next thing we know, she had extracted the contents and was smearing the chocolate-covered bar all over her face. Pretty much every single allergy-risk ingredient was present and accounted for: wheat, soy, corn, dairy, peanuts and other tree nuts, and chocolate. Go us.

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  1. Carlos says:

    So cute! Amazing how strong their bite can be without any teeth !?!?! I used to give Celine melon to suck on and now she rips off the chunks….oops… no more melon. She did have mashed bananas as her first fruit the other day and that was a hit. I see it’s still warm in Portland – hooray!

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