March 1st, 2008 by: cheyenne

We have smiles! SO CUTE! She also makes little gurgling noises when she does it. We do not, however, have photographs of the smiles; I believe this is a milestone that is not reached until at least two months. Her vocabulary is growing considerably too; before her only word was “eh” but now we have added the following: aah, ah, nnnnn-phbbt (explosive sputter sound), nyaaah, and mleh. She picked these up on her own too, genius baby that she is.

She continues to be the biggest burp resister ever. Burping always begins with vigorous vocal and physical protestation. Ronin: “Eh eh eh eh eh AAAHHHHHH eh eh eh eh nnnnnn-phhbbbt! Nnnnnn-phbbbt! Eh eh eh eh.” Me: “RELAX KID! You are not fooling me—the burps must come OUT!” [Pat pat pat pat pat pat…] Ronin: “Eh eh eh eh eh BBBBRRRRRRAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK urp urp BAAAARRRRPP!” [Sigh..] “Mleh.”

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  1. ilana says:

    Aren’t smiles awesome? Feels like all your hard work is finally recognized, doesn’t it? I love the vocalization descriptions. We like to characterize Alden’s by the barnyard animal it most resembles. The dog, the donkey, the goose, etc. Fun times. I can especially relate to the burp protests. Yeesh, you’d think they’d show a little more gratitude for the gas relief…


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