January Babies Galore

February 6th, 2008 by: joshua

Seemingly everyone we know is suddenly having babies. Four already this year and we’re still waiting for one from Rachel and Tito. Strangely I suddenly find baby pictures interesting. I always thought parents greatly exaggerated the difference between one baby and another. Now I see how different they are.

Silas Joseph Murphy

Silas Joseph Murphy, Jan 4th

Ronin Coxwell

Ronin Coxwell, Jan 13th

Alden Michael Gilg

Alden Michael Gilg, Jan 18th

Celine Nicole Munoz

Celine Nicole Munoz, Jan 18th

2 Comments on “January Babies Galore”

  1. Gramps Larry says:

    I like. It is my special 2008 phenomenon. What happens next? :)

  2. Laszlo says:

    “Now I see how different they are.”

    Couldn’t prove it by me :-)

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