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November 9th, 2007 by: joshua

I’ve been hounding Cheyenne for months to mock up a new skin for the blog. Maybe I was too critical of an early draft, but after a few half hearted attempts I haven’t been able to get her to budge. Reaching a point of desperation, I had to take matters into my own hands. You see the result now.

We want to preserve the TimeMachine sailing stories on a stand alone site so that people can find the cruising stuff without having to wade through the pregnant/baby stuff. We decided that it might be hard to move our audience so we’ll just move the archive instead. It will be at and we will continue blogging on the old address (ie All of the posts will continue to be available here as well and comments made on either site will magically appear on both. Two installations of WordPress accessing the same database introduces certain software problems that I’m hacking at now. The only real challenge is preventing users of the archive site from accidentally popping into current posts.

I plan a few final posts about sailing the TimeMachine, but after that it won’t be updated anymore.


Also, if you notice any weirdness, please explain in a comment giving your OS and browser. I’ve only tested on IE6, IE7 and Firefox under XP and Vista. Thanks!

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