Porta-bote Again

June 16th, 2007 by: joshua

Well we’re tired of talking about our porta-bote seat and transom woes, but I promised Sandy (the president of porta-bote) that I would follow up when we received the new parts. After much confusion on everyone’s part and far too many emails, porta-bote lived up to its promise to replace our transom and seats under warranty (even though it had officially expired when we reported problems). Thanks porta-bote! We didn’t even have to pay for shipping. The new seats we received appear to be identical to the old ones. However, the transom has reinforcing at the bottom near the center. I’m not sure it’s enough, but I take this as a good sign that porta-bote is exploring ways to reduce the incidents of transom and seat failure.

Porta-bote transom reinforcement

[Closeup of reinforcing on the new transom]

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  1. TimeMachine » 1.3-Year Porta-Bote and Kayak Review says:

    […] Follow-up Porta-bote Review and Aftermath Porta-bote Redux Redux Porta-bote again […]

  2. GUBBY says:

    Hello all – I recently aquired the 14′ model and I am extremely pleased with the overall product – upon receipt of the original craft, I immediatley knew the transom was not of adequate design – I immediatly fashioned a reinforced transom insert and seatbackings out of 1/4″ 5016 aluminum – no problems at all – I have further manufactured aluminum brackets to fit directly on ice chest sides to replace one of the aft seats – the sides were also giving me difficulty upon accelaration under the power of my 4 stroke yamaha – I resolved this issue as well by lacing a 2″ heavy duty ratchet strap around the top of the sides of the boat – and securing the strap to the reinforced transom using a pair of D hooks – the boat performs flawlessly I have gotten the boat to 40 mph and not a single worry or problem at all! – I further used alodyne to coat the 5016 alloy in a light gold color to prevent corrosion and oxidation and i can tell you this is the best small craft I have ever purchased – Granted the time and materials were pricey but what a great boat now – WOW!! If anyone is interested in a mod “kit” for their boats to make the craft perform as it should from the factory – I might manufacture these if there is enough interest.


  3. David says:

    Do you have pictures of your mods, along with a price quote? I’m interested in your mod kit. But I’d like to see some pictures first, if you don’t mind. Send them to winterdeal@hotmail.com. Thanks. David

  4. James says:

    I’d be interested in a upgraded transom for my 12′ porta-bote if you have an interest! Thanks a lot and great work!

    jcalderwood07 [at] gmail.com

  5. Mike Hall says:

    I might be interested in that upgrade/mod kit for my 14′ Porta-Bote. Pleases send pictures to halljmichael@aol.com

  6. Scott says:

    Gubby,Id like to see the modifications also.I have a new 12′ portabote.are you making the parts? send to sp38@charter.net

  7. Will says:

    well … it’s 2009 and is everyone happy with their porta bote ?? i’m thinking of getting one … write me at pen@usa.com

  8. Ron says:

    are you making the parts and what do they cost? I have a 2002 12ft.

  9. marvin schmidt says:

    I have owned a 10ft. for over 2 years and run it with a 5 hp yamaha. The boat is a blast. ASide from a little leaking in the stearn from the seal of the transom, could not be happier. I am selling the 10ft. and going up to the 14 ft (to many friends keep calling to go fishing) Can’t wait .

  10. James Chiu says:

    I am very interested in your mod. I am willing to buy a kit from you. Please let me know if your still making the mod! Thanks.

  11. charlie says:

    I’m interested

  12. PETE HENCHEN3452 194ST SURREY BC says:


  13. Dave says:

    Hi – I am looking to refurbish a 14 ft-er that I just got. Are you still making these mods?


  14. Concerned boater says:

    I can help with some mods, reinforcement of the Cheap Plastic transom before it cracks. I can send a list of materials and pictures too. This boat stock has a lot of problems and the Back Bladder is known to CRACK whick cant be repaired, BEWARE

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