Mansfield Cut

May 3rd, 2007 by: joshua

Tree. Isla Providencia, Colombia

[Isla Providencia, Colombia]

We arrived at Mansfield Cut this afternoon around 2 only to find it closed out by surf. I knew it was a small channel but it hadn’t occurred to me and I’m glad we arrived in the day when we could see the situation clearly. Cheyenne was not happy. Our choices were; head back south 30 miles to Port Isabel or go on 75 miles to Port Aransas. A strong current is running North along the coast so our decision was to head North down current, down wind, to Port Aransas. We had a thunderstorm last night that was really something. It only hammered on us for an hour and a half but we both think it was the worst storm we’ve seen on the TimeMachine. Luckily, I was on watch and the sails were already down. I desperately wanted some sail to help control the boat, but the hell if I was going to go up on the fore deck and try hank on the storm jib. It was all I could do to hang on while being bludgeoned by the awning as it tore itself to streamers. Cheyenne was not happy. I’ll let her tell the full story later.

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  1. Bill Coxwell says:

    Hey Josh,
    Sorry to hear about Mansfield, but going to Port A maybe be easier, with the wind and current. That will put you there around 2am, The city marina is an easy landing, or you can anchor along the east side of Lydia Ann Channel, go aways north up the channel even past the wreck, the water is deep close to shore, good bottom, lots of current. I have my cell with me all the time, would love to meet you guys, at the marina or hear that your in.

  2. Connellan says:

    I guess I said “welcome back” too soon.

  3. Peg Bowden says:

    Joshua and Cheyenne,
    When I hear Joshua say he was “being bludgeoned” by the storm, it must have been a whopper. So glad you are both safe and that no one got thrown overboard. I wish you safe sailing to Port A. Let us know when you are safe and rested—love, Mom/Peg

  4. TUCKER says:

    WELKUM—–SORRY ABOUT OUR GREETING THUNDERSTORM —Your Dad had the same experienc when he arrived. SAFE AND SOUND is the imprtant thing. Anxious to see you. Come directly to Pelican and get some rest.

  5. curious about tea-has says:

    Hey guys

    I see you’re a bit travel weary and need some R&R, not to mention boat repairs. However, please keep your readership a bit in mind if it’s not too much a bother.

    I’m curious about coastal texas, the port towns, the barrier islands, the rednecks, ..the pro’s and con’s of ever considering going there (by boat).

  6. cheyenne says:

    Texas is like a foreign country to me. I believe South Texas and blogging will mix admirably.

  7. flint stults says:

    I was told by Don And Ellen off of sea runner moon to keep an eye out so I could meet you guys. she said you were on your way to Texas. I just sailed my sea runner 34 from St Thomas to Texas and tied up at the City marina in Corpus. We look foward to meeting you some time.
    Take Care

  8. cheyenne says:

    Hi! We’re actually off to Oregon tomorrow for a while (leaving the boat here on the hard at Joshua’s dad’s place in Rockport), so we’re just missing eachother! It’s always good to hear of other Searunners out there–it was awesome to meet Moon and Don & Ellen. I had never been in a larger sized Searunner before so that was pretty interesting (I have standing head room envy!). Hopefully we will be back here sometime soon or maybe we’ll cross paths another place. What is your boat’s name?

  9. flint stults says:

    I work on a rotation out of west Africa I am currently in west Africa I left my boat “comfortably Numb” at the marina in corpus. I have a freind keeping an eye on it till my next time off. Maybe we will meet after your trip and when I get back home. I had a real blast sailing the boat down the intracoastal to port O,conner we had 25 kt wind on a beam reach most of the way in flat calm (except for the bays) it was awsome. I think Texas has some real nice sailing from what we have seen so far. Have a good trip. see you soon.

  10. sandy daigle says:

    Hey Flint,

    Just found this. Are you out there?…….sandy

  11. Curtis says:

    Hey Buddy, Ol Pal,

    “Comfortably Numb” Why does that not surprise me?

    Shoot me a email if you can.

    PS…Hello Sandy

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