Volcán Masaya

July 3rd, 2006 by: joshua

Masaya Volcano. Masaya, Nicaragua

We did climb Volcán Masaya. Although we didn’t have to. Most people drive or take a taxi up to the rim. The park rangers were evidently concerned for our safety because they followed us on foot at a not too descrete distance. Lucky for the guy going up they tag teamed it and a pickup would drop a guy off a few hundred meters ahead of us. He’d wait for us to pass before following along behind. His radio squawking. “Si, los veo!” We thought we lost him for awhile when we passed a couple walking down. Unfortunately, we picked up their tail around the corner. We asked them why but they totally denied it and told us they were only there to answer questions. Finally, on the way down, we gave up and got in the back of a ranger truck.

The crater continuously billows smoke and noxious fumes which burn the nose. There are kelly green parrots living down there and flying around in it.

Masaya Volcano. Masaya, Nicaragua

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  1. Peg Bowden says:

    Hey—maybe those park rangers know something about those noxious fumes that you don’t. I remember reading about climbers on Mt. Shasta fainting from the fumes escaping at the summit. Hydrogen sulfide gasses as I recall. Anyway—great pictures and dramatic landscape. And—happy July 4th!! Love, Peg

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