Back in La Paz

January 4th, 2006 by: cheyenne

hand painted sign. reparacion de motores. La Paz, Mexico

We’re back in La Paz! Home of the La Paz Cruisers Net, a radio “info” hour, with lost and found, who’s coming and going, weather, tides, stuff for sale/trade, etc. Every so often the net gets taken over by the chatty mcchattersons and degenerates into gossip or specific snarking about this or that and we of course never miss it if we can help it. This morning was dominated by the epic saga of Raoul’s sore throat. Blow by blow details of the progression of this extremely rare and unique variety of strep throat, heretofore named Streptococcus Raullius, which doesn’t respond to any normal antibiotic, nor does it respond to any run-of-the-mill doctoring. No no. Raullius requires special $80 (US!) antibiotics (did he mention they must be very very strong and not any normal antibiotics?), which may be obtained by only one very special doctor in La Paz (additional personal anecdotes and the doctor’s name, spelling of name, and telephone number is now given about seventeenthousand times for everyone who didn’t quite get it the first time; this takes an additional fifteen minutes) who was thankfully astute enough to identify the important nature of this illness. Betsy from Qayaq (a doctor, unfortunately for her this morning) I knew must be pacing up and down the walls of her boat near the start of the antibiotic “advice” and it took about 20 minutes for her tortured voice to come on offering clarification on a few points.

Now we’ve degenerated to, “Is today… Wednesday? Or Thursday?” Luckily the highly contagious Raoul knows that it is Wednesday (because he knows he does the radio hosting on Wednesdays). I would make fun of the question, “Is sweetened milk the same as evaporated milk,” if damned if I didn’t ask the very same question a week or so ago when sifting through all our weird cans left over from the apartment departure and which we ended up bringing along.

Anyway, we’ll be around these parts for the next couple of days continuing our ice cream flavor research at La Fuente and finishing up our sweep of taco stands across town. Details will follow.

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Cheyenne Weil, Joshua Coxwell