San Diego

November 23rd, 2005 by: cheyenne

We made our fantastic entry to San Diego early morning and found the transient dock ($10/day!!) almost immediately. Then we went out wandering in the warm warm sun and found a place to stop for lunch and margaritas. Sadly, the lady carded me so no margaritas (like, who the hell carries their ID to lunch anyway?). In fact, every instance of alcohol and me in San Diego resulted in raised eyebrows and the question “Ahhh, you’re 21, right?” asked with much skepticism. This being our last chance for West Marine, we all shifted into full consumer mode and a hundred hours were spent walking back and forth from the dock to West Marine since we could never decide which thing we wanted, forgot to measure the space on the boat anyway, and so we end up buying two, discovering one or both wouldn’t fit, and returning it. But then there was this other model we didn’t even see the first time…

The boat was actually pretty much ready to go; almost everyone at the transient dock was a cruiser or lived on their boat and there was much activity like running up masts, fussing with engines, growling over fussed-over engines, etc. All we really needed was an ordered part, which Fedex actually delivered to us in the boat at the dock (oh yeah!). We added some more handrails to the top of the aft cabin so there would be something to hold onto when heading back to monkey around with the outboard or the trolling line (kelp!). Uncle George took us all out for a night on the town and we left the next day.

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Cheyenne Weil, Joshua Coxwell