More Preparations

October 2nd, 2005 by: cheyenne

More preparations, part 12: we made aluminum rope hangers for the head. I poked the holes with my jeweler’s flex shaft. We also put some of these hangers in the amas. I look seriously hot in goggles and ear protection.

hangers for lines in head searunner 31

Cheyenne at her desk with a flex shaft

Here’s another photo of Joshua and I out the other day on the bay.

Sailing on San Francisco Bay

An amusing story about Joshua the other day: he was in Safeway picking up some ice when the guy in line behind him started freaking out asking if he was George Michael (who must be what, 50?). Joshua wasn’t entirely sure if he was joking; the guy’s friend clearly wasn’t sure and kept asking Joshua on the side if he really WAS George Michael.

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  1. Grant in Rockport says:

    “Gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith….”

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