More Preparations

September 30th, 2005 by: cheyenne

1. A first aid kit has been assembled and neatly boxed up in appropriate white “waterproof” bins and cute mesh bags containing such item groups as “Dental” and “Clean-up” (that’s the betadine, et al.) and “Holy Shit Gaping Wound Closure” have been geniusly crafted on this little beauty.

antique singer sewing machine

Mom will donate left-over and hopefully not too expired Vicodins for emergencies (what are moms for?) and we found a willing doctor to write the rest of the heavy med scripts! We are so set.

Behold the First Aid Bins:

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit detail

2. Also sewn on the wee petite antique machine were these Net Things that cover the, uh, Cubby Things on the boat so that the contents don’t go flying across the cabin when we bump into the big water. The downside to this improvement is that Joshua and I will no longer be able to play the “What Went Crash” game. We’ll get over it.

nets over the cubby holes will keep things in place in a heavy sea. Searunner 31

nets over the cubby holes will keep things in place in a heavy sea. Searunner 31

3. OH, and new sparkling clean dry cushions for the forward bunks have been made using rejected (i.e., free! Thanks Bill!!!) closed-cell foam pieces from CCushions. I did not sew these on the wee machine but on the burly Sailrite machine. That lovely color is “China Blue,” in case you were wondering. You may pronounce this with a Texas accent.

sunbrella covers on ensolite cushions

4. Provisioning! I have successfully purchased toiletries and spices. I had to go to probably 5 different stores to get it all too. If the food-buying part takes me nearly as long as buying our shampoo, we might get out of here by spring 2006.

5. Lastly, Joshua and I continue to improve our vocabulary by watching movies in Spanish.
* Pincho perro (Thanks! Amores Perros)
* Puta madre, hijo de puta, puta mierda (courtesy of Motorcycle Diaries)

4 Comments on “More Preparations”

  1. Maria says:

    It’s greta to have found your website. I’m going to settle down for a good ole read now.
    Thanks for popping into the blog and leaving your advice on the portabote.
    See you out there one day!
    Oh, and I’m starting to study Spanish too!

  2. dave says:


    I am loving this site! I believe that those “cubby things” on a trimaran are called Pukas(sp?), which is polynesian for holes. Like Puca shells in Hawaii

    Thnaks for the stories

  3. cheyenne says:

    Hi! Glad you enjoy it. I always wonder if anyone out there enjoys reading it aside from family and friends. I’ll definitely look into that Big Lots thing too; although I’m only allowed two checked bags!–Now that toothpaste is dangerous contraband, I’ll have to check all my Tom’s.

  4. Alex says:

    You know, I suspect with parenthood you two don’t have time to read comments on old entries, but I really love your blog. Your funny! … and you take good photos.

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