Drunken Sailor

March 26th, 2009 by: cheyenne

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For the past few days, we’ve been able to get Ronin to take some steps toward us. Then yesterday while out walking, she purposefully dropped my hand and took five or six wonky little steps on her own before stopping and reaching back up for my hand.

The past couple of days, we’ve gone out for “walks” where I just let her take me where she wants to go. We end up spending a half hour to maybe an hour and we literally go 60 feet tops from the front door. First we go up and down the front steps about 20 times. She goes at the steps by holding only my hands and flailing her foot in the general direction of the step, then I lift her onto it and she flails at the next step. She goes down stairs by simply walking at top speed off the edge; I have to hold her to keep her from falling into the abyss. We have some things to learn about steps still. Then we walk down the sidewalk, stopping to inspect various debris like dirt clods (I hope) or cigarette butts (yay), then we head for the curb. Up and down the curb several times until a squashed plastic bag full of *something* is discovered and before she has a chance to grab it, I swoop her up and carry her screeching to the neighbor’s house. He has wide clean concrete steps (the house is for sale and I don’t think anyone’s there) and she goes happily up and down the steps about 50 times. Eventually, I tire of the game or it starts to rain and I try to herd her back toward the house. Of course any denial or suggestion that she can’t do something is met with spastic rubber baby, arched back and tragic screaming. We go up the steps another million or so times until finally I just carry her, kicking and screaming, back to the house for some more baby torture (like maybe a snack).

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  1. Peg Bowden says:

    She is like a baby bird leaping headlong out of the nest. No fear, lots of trust, and probably some bumps along the way. I love this video—-more!! more!!. Can’t wait to see you all. Love, Gramma Peg

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