April 13th, 2009 by: cheyenne

We had a very dramatic “First” tonight: our first projectile puke! (My heartstrings!) Sources close to the victim (aside from Ronin, Nigel and I–not to mention the entire bathroom–were thoroughly doused) disagree as to what might have caused this evening’s mishap but we do agree that the volume of puke was truly fantastic for such a small being. I say it was the bizarre (though inventive) combination of dinner items Joshua fed her that proved to be her undoing. He maintains that the sheer volume of sippy contents + dinner compounded with nursing immediately afterward did her in. We both fervently hope it is not a stomach bug. Poor Ronin had such a surprised look on her face when it happened, then she started to cry pitifully. We chucked Nigel into the tub and peeled off her clothes, then I climbed in with her for a colossal hose-down. I had puke in my ear. Weirdly, she was very quiet and calm after we washed her off and she fell asleep with a mostly empty stomach clutching a stuffed dog (Nigel was out of commission for the evening). I hope she’s okay.

Of course, she puked all over her last pair of clean wintry (yes, we’re back to “wintry” again here in Portland) pajamas and so we had to put her in summer pajamas with sweaters and sweatpants over them. In the end we had a confused (possibly sick) baby with a roiling belly, an hour overdue for bedtime, a wet head, the wrong teddy bear, and a seriously messed up pajama situation. The whole scene was truly pathetic.

So, the plus side of all this is that she is obviously eating enough to puke it up afterward. Who are we to complain, right? (Also, the bathroom is spotless!) Some current–and I hesitate to call them “wins”–are waffles with maple syrup, and a little something Joshua likes to call “Prunerice,” which is (drumroll) Prunes Mixed With Rice. Some day Ronin will bring a guy home with her that she really likes and we’ll all be sitting around talking and I just know something like this will pop into my head and I’ll be unable to control myself. “Guess what Ronin used to eat when she was a little baby?” I’ll say.

And ignoring the eye-daggers continue, “Yup, she even puked it into my ear once.”

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  1. Jill Douglass says:

    Bummer! If she ever does get a stomach bug, I’d recommend wiping the puke off the bed as best as possible and putting towels on top of the mess. That way in 20 minutes when she pukes again you can pull the puke towels off the bed and put clean ones down again. People tend to have more towels than clean sheets. If you’re fast you could change the sheets the first time, but there’s the chance you get all your sheets messed up in no time at all and you really don’t want to be down to the mattress with a still puking kid.

  2. Meg says:

    Rosalind threw up three times in succession at around 3:00 a week or so ago. We made the classic new parent blunder of changing the sheets (and my pajamas) after the first go round. We figured out the towel strategy after the third vomit. I don’t know about Portland, but that stomach bug has gone all around here in Seattle, I hardly know anyone who hasn’t had it. Luckily it’s not too severe. Rosy didn’t eat much for a few days after her expulsion, but that was the extent of her suffering.

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