Excuse me while I go clean applesauce off the walls

March 2nd, 2009 by: joshua

The Pentapus will guide you.

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Ronin drives the radio flyer.

Hans and I were eating burgers at The Kennedy School last week and Ronin discovered a delicacy. She would eat bits of my bun and Hans’ fries but refused my tator tots (huh?). Of course, my tater tots were served with ranch dressing but I prefer ketchup. I already know that Ronin doesn’t really like ketchup though so I gave the ranch a try instead. She went nuts and kept jumping up and down screaming “Nana.” After banana, her word for any food she likes. I’m not sure what she calls food which she doesn’t like but she makes herself understood by shaking her head vigorously and trying to smack it out of your hand. She ended up eating the entire ramekin of ranch dressing, minus what she rubbed into her hair of course. Our plan is to trick her into eating veggies by covering them in the stuff. Our first attempt wasn’t entirely successful because she simply licked the dressing off and threw the veggies on the floor.

The other new food breakthrough is soyrizo. She was happily eating applesauce this morning when we started cooking soyrizo and eggs for breakfast burritos. Ronin immediately threw her spoon on the floor and started yelling Nana. I gave her an actual banana but that went on the floor as well. I was ready to give up on breakfast but we decided to try her on the soyrizo anyway. That’s what she wanted! and she ended up eating handfuls of the stuff.

4 Comments on “Excuse me while I go clean applesauce off the walls”

  1. Ginger says:

    So adorable! She’s very coordinated to figure that wagon out. I love the squeals and excitement. How many teeth now?


  2. Peg Bowden says:

    Wow—-I wish I could roll my “r’s” as well as Ms. Ronin. And a Radio Flyer!! I remember having one of those with the wooden sideboards when I was a little girl. What a treasure of a toy! She is a fearless warrior. I love the way she bangs into your furniture. Love, Gramma Peg

  3. Connellan says:

    Ranch dressing and soyrizo… quite the breakthrough! You might try teriyaki sauce! (Even my kids eat chicken and salmon when cooked in teriyaki sauce!)

  4. Rachel and Sienna says:

    I know what you mean about the eating. Sienna will only eat what she can pick up herself. No spoon please! Thank goodness she likes broccoli. That is about the only thing she will always eat. These personality characteristics are quite interesting. I am beginning to think that parents only have a small chance of influencing their children. However, the strong opinions may have come from us.

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