Baby Tracks

December 23rd, 2008 by: joshua

Sometimes, when Ronin is extra fussy I like get all Micheal Jackson on her and dangle her out the window. She calms right down. Hopefully she’s thinking “Ahhh, fresh air…. Ooooh look at the trees” and not simply comatose with fear. The tracks are from touching her feet in the snow while trying to teach her “cold.” It’s not working. Maybe because she can’t make any of those sounds and it’s impossible to do the sign while I’m holding her over the ledge.

[flash /images/0811/hotstove_sm.flv w=400 h=300 f={autostart=false}]

“Hot” she has down, or at least she knows that it has something to do with the things on the stove. This might be her first verbal word where it’s clear that she is attaching the right meaning to it. Probably due to lots of repetition during the making of the morning coffee.

Her other word is dog which comes out with only a hint of the g. She has always liked to watch the dogs in the park, but it was bumped up a notch after her encounter with Charlotte. Who introduced herself with an enthusiastic lick to the face. Ronin was stunned into silence. The second kiss made her cry and Charlotte was banished to the bedroom.

[Summer was only weeks ago in Napa]

It must have stuck in her mind though because she took it more or less in stride when Cody did the same thing a few days later. We expected Cody to stay well clear of Ronin but they turned out to be friends. The only tension occurred around the table when Cody seemed to think she might be competition for table scraps. And she might be. Even though she’s usually indifferent to food, put her in a room with a dog dish and she goes right for it and stuffs her mouth with little greasy nuggets.

I think we’re staying in for Christmas. We’d need chains (and a shovel) to even leave our parking spot. We haven’t tried too hard to buy any but I suspect that every place in Portland is sold out of chains anyway.

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  1. Peg Bowden says:

    just looking at the video for the umpteenth time. I think it is so interesting that babies whisper the important things….things that might be dangerous, hurtful, special. Ronin knows…. love, Gramma Peg

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