December 31st, 2007 by: cheyenne

Many people we know have been expressed their intense curiosity as to how Joshua and I will react as people when we have the baby. As in, will we change—I’m guessing this is what people mean—in that way that life-changing events are supposed to change a person’s worldview. Will we turn overnight from obstinate cynics to quivering blobs of schmaltz who worship the very mucus that flows forth from our baby’s nostrils? I’ve been told “Oh everything will be different, you don’t even know!” about everything from Ayn Rand books to marriage (the baby being no exception) and I have to say, without going so far as to declare it all a complete crock, I don’t think I ever felt or acted much different after any of it. I don’t mean to say I don’t change or ever do things differently because that’s certainly not true (I’m always a better person once I’ve had my breakfast, for example), but I change constantly all the time because of everything around me. And still I am always the same person.

That said, I’ve warmed up considerably to the various baby accoutrements out there. Not the pink kitten ruffle-bomb girly-girl outfits, no those I can live without. I’m talking things like baby booties or, well, here’s the most recent baby purchase and I picked this one out over the others because it was JUST SO CUTE!

Behold: The Infant Nose Bulb.

Infant nose bulb

To me it looks like some little Japanese anime character. “Tiradroppu,” whose special power might be to ward off nightmares or something. To counter the adorableness and remind you that what you have is actually a serious and utilitarian baby appliance, they have added a sobering red cross graphic to the side.

I added my own graphic to the other side though!

Infant nose bulb

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  1. jeff says:

    Happy New Year, You were one of the topics of our little new years party, all the sailors and non sailors toasted to your and all our health & happiness. The norther hit and the temp dropped from 70* to 45* in a few minutes. We huddled around the BBQ with oysters on the grill and wind howlin, temp dropping. Everyone at the party was abuzz with your adventures.

  2. Peg Bowden says:

    There is no drama, no highs, no lows, no extremes of emotion, like having a baby. It will push you to the edge. Guaranteed. You will need the Tiradroppu more than the babe. We’ll review all of this one year from today. I am so happy and relieved that this has been such a healthful and happy time for you and Joshua. Love, Mom

  3. Bozo says:

    Heh heh… you and Tiradroppu will become good buddies.

    “without going so far as to declare it all a complete crock, I don’t think I ever felt or acted much different after any of it.”

    Let’s re-visit that comment in a few months…

  4. Syd says:

    I hated when people told me that! I’m in with you. I mean you change, but not significantly that I can tell. I mean moving to Poland changed my life. Going back to grad school changed my life! And yes having a kid changed my life too… let me explain… I’ve always been a freak about safety, but I’ve always wanted to live in NY city… now I don’t because it would be too dangerous for my little girl. Change? Perhaps or just a shift in my original personality. I’m more of freak about the safety of my kid than I am of the safety of myself… yet sitll a freak!

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