Parting Shot (Red Booty)

December 22nd, 2007 by: joshua

red booty the view from below. Isla Parida, Panama

In route to Isla Parida, Western Pacific Panama, Christmas 2006

A parting shot for the cruising blog and a christmas present to all of you who arrive by searching for “booty.” Sailing into a warm tropic rain, the easiest way to preserve your clean dry cloths is to simply remove them. Cheyenne said I could only post this photo if I didn’t say whose butt it was…

As I mentioned before we created a new website for the sailing stories that will preserve the original look and feel of this site and include only the blog of cruising the TimeMachine. People who are only interested in our sailing trip can read about it without having to wade through the interstitial stuff waiting for us to get a new boat. As usual we have embarked on a new adventure before we really had a chance to digest the last one.

I’ve manipulated the sitemaps and meta data so that hopefully the search engines will send people to first when they are looking for sailing stories. If you’ve read this far on the searunner sailing site and want to know what we’re doing now please join us on the complete unedited TimeMachine blog.

We’re taking bets on how many people will be utterly confused and think we’re ending the blog. WE’RE NOT. Read on for more: Pregnancy! Child Birth! Pictures of cows! Babies! Deadly mushrooms! then hopefully Sailing with Children!

3 Comments on “Parting Shot (Red Booty)”

  1. Good Ol Rodg says:

    I’m confused. Butt that is my natural state so I feel quite comfortable, thank you very much.

    Sleep while you can!


  2. Mark says:

    Great parting “booty” shot

  3. SL says:

    That better not be your zipper in the booty shot mister!
    Or no wait… if it is then we know whoÅ› booty :)
    ….I think?

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