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October 22nd, 2007 by: cheyenne


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  1. Peg Bowden says:

    Well, I kinda like the name “Delaney”. But Ronin is very Irish, different, and has a certain rhythm to it. Nice. –Mom/Peg

  2. Bozo says:

    Ronin = Masterless [unemployed] Samurai. Drifter.
    See Wikipedia for more.

  3. joshua says:

    Yes. Our top boy choice was Cayetano, patron saint of the unemployed. We’re hoping that our child will lead us in the revolution.

  4. cheyenne says:

    I think mom’s thinking of “Ronan,” which is Irish in origin. “Ronin” probably comes out of too much Kurasawa/Star Wars/Anime at too impressionable an age on my part.

  5. Peg Bowden says:

    Hmmm—yup, you’re right. I was thinking of “Ronan”. A child’s name is important. Proceed carefully. Take your time. BTW, we live in the San Cayetano mountains—also the patron saint of miners. –Mom

  6. joshua says:

    It turns out that Ronin is a fairly popular name even in the US. Cheyenne was devastated to learn that it made it into the top 1000 for the first year in 2006. If you search through social security records, it turns out that Chess and Seven aren’t really uncommon either although they’ve never made it to the top 1000. Name Voyager offers some brilliantly animated searching of the Social Security database.

  7. joshua says:

    I added a vote to “can I give you some advice?” in Grandma Peggy’s honor.

  8. Connellan says:

    Yep… Ronin is rather popular. (I hate to tell you that it was one of Steve’s favorite names… yes… largely on that whole masterless samurai concept… which just didn’t make sense to me.) I also hate to tell you that it is Sharon Stone’s son’s name. We played with him in the park one time… with his nanny.

    I like it for a girl though!

    Anyway… dangerous territory you are in… asking for feedback on names! Everybody has a story!

  9. cheyenne says:

    WHAT???!!! I’m so scandalized. (RE: Sharron Stone.)
    There will be twenty Ronins in her first grade class I just know it.

    **Edited to add: I just looked it up: Sharon Stone’s son’s name is “Roan.” Whew, that was close.

  10. Bozo says:


  11. joshua says:

    We like Scout, but it’s Demi Moore’s daughters name. We have to rule out uncommon names shared with current main stream celebrities and their children. For this reason we also had to ax River, Rio, and Clive.

  12. angelea says:

    hello y’all. cheyenne you look beautiful. i’m not so sure of your choice in baby names tho. hehe. actually ronin is really kewl. drop me a line if you get two secs. i’m in virginia working on horsegirltv full-time and living 1 minute to quantico military base. now there’s a whole nother story there for you! i might be in portland for christmas and would LOVE to see you guys even if tis for 20 minutes! hugs, ang

  13. Peg Bowden says:

    I just read that Daniel Day-Lewis’ son is named Ronan. Of course, he lives in Ireland, and it is a different spelling. I’m voting for Ronin these days as the weeks roll by and D-Day gets closer. Love, Mom/Peg

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