Wing and a Prayer

May 21st, 2007 by: joshua

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Aransas Bay, Texas

Every year the Bahia Marina in Ingleside Texas puts on a party called the Bahia Hee Hee and invites boaters from all over to sail in and participate. There is a pot luck dinner and live music. I used to work here back in high school when Thomas Greisen had his sail loft, so the suroundings and many faces looked familiar. I even remember the band, although I think some of the members have changed. I recommend stopping if you’re cruising through.

We sailed over with Bill on Wing and a Prayer. At times the breeze was fresh enough to really get moving. In the video we’re making around 15kts!

These flash videos don’t seem to be working with Internet Explorer. They work fine with firefox so use that until I get the problems ironed out. I think WordPress is mangling the script when I submit the posts.

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    […] A video obviously taken from a moving platform. John Williams on Gimme Samoa tries to catch up with us on Wing and a Prayer in route to Ingleside. He’s making 15+ kts. […]

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    […] a large portion of his life in and around water and on sailboats, trimarans mostly. Nimble little trimarans. So we of course went with a watery theme for both bands, ocean swells around two palladium bands. […]

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