Gulf of Mexico

May 2nd, 2007 by: joshua

fishing nets. Isla Mujeres, Mexico

[Isla Mujeres, Mexico]

We’re about 100 nautical miles east of Port Isabel. 26 degrees 05 minutes North, 95 degrees 21 minutes West. Our rudder bracket failed again this morning so we have it lashed on and are making way under much reduced sail. Waves are 4-6 ft but we’ve slowed enough to not be surfing. Our goal was Port Aransas but we’ve altered course to Mansfield Cut which is 30 miles closer. From there we will proceed up the intercoastal in protected waters. We haven’t run the motor since arriving in Isla Mujeres so we still have full fuel tanks. Mansfield Cut is within motoring range and if worse comes to worse we can motor in steering with the outboard.

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  1. John Williams says:

    Hi Josh & Cheyenne,

    I am a friend of Jeff and Bill that has a trimaran here in Rockport. I have been offshore before without a rudder so I know what you are dealing with. You are making a good decision by pulling in @ Port Mansfield. We have had wind in the 20-30 mph range here lately so you guys will be dealing with bigger seas as you get north. The wind will still be blowing in the intercoastal but the seas will be easier to deal with. If you need assistance my cell # is 361-774-5166. Port Mansfield does not have much in the way of supplies but you should be able to get fuel. Good Luck and be safe out there.

  2. Bill & Nick says:

    Hey Joshua & Cheyenne
    It’s about 5 miles in to the ICW from the Jetty’s, But right as you come in on the South side there is area great for anchoring resting (shallow)
    As john said there is not much in Port Mansfield, there is fuel, the next fuel stop is marker 37 at the JFK causeway bridge near Corpus which is about 70 miles I think. The next bridge is Aransas Pass, only 47′ high, not sure how high off the water you are. there is another fuel stop right before that on the left “Hampton’s Landing” from that bridge to Rockport is about 12 miles to Rockport…Josh we have wheels and can meet and help anywhere along the cell # 361-463-1193 also have your Dad’s whaler which we can come out in… Looking forward to having you guys in Rockport…
    Bill & Nick

  3. Connellan says:

    Welcome “back!” Glad to hear you are within reach.

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