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A few things

Friday, November 4th, 2005

A few things that occupy precious space in my brain as of late =

Sharks (I strive to be Richard Dreyfuss but I’m still totally a Roy Scheider)
Exploding pressure cookers
Emptying the toilet while underway
Joshua falling overboard
Me falling overboard
Hitting underwater things at night
Having to kill a fish by whonking it on the head
Hitting a tanker because I fell asleep on watch
Losing a rudder in a storm and having to jury-rig one while tossing about
Getting tired of dolmas (we bought a lot of these for the trip)
Sharks (I will NOT be a Robert Shaw)
Depths over 15 feet

Things I look forward to =

Learning to hold my breath for like 10 minutes like a superhero
Um, sailing around the world. [.]
Turquoise water. At my disposal.
Fresh sushi that I caught and sliced up myself (but Joshua cleaned)
Learning to speak fluent Spanish
Having 30 new episodes of “This American Life” waiting for me in the archives
Being able to tell people I can navigate by the stars, and being serious
Unusual things, interesting people, excellent food

On the Boat

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

Yep now we’re on the boat. It’s a carefree and stylish existence; I just took my first shower in I-actually-forgot-how-many days. There is CRAP, utter crap, stacked on every single available surface including all surfaces available. We’re attempting to figure out how to put everything away and keep losing the pen when we need to add something to the shopping list. The shopping list goes something like this: Light bulbs, 12V charger for Jeff, almanac, tampons, fender washers, bread. I thought I’d have a picture of just how insane this place is but I can’t remember where I put the camera box.

Camera box found. Behold the insanity of the head. And the forward bunk area.

a ton of crap in head

more crap

We are now off to the wonderland of REI because Jeff has been out at sea on a tug for 6 whole months and is DYING to go consume products.

Cheyenne Weil, Joshua Coxwell